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  About Life Jackets  

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Keep your life jacket on at all times! It is supposed to be a protective measure, not a rescue tool after the fact! Research shows that most people who drown never planned to go into the water, so they didn't wear a life jacket. Many thought that they were just going to be enjoying boating activities or playing near the water.

Set a good example for others by wearing your life jacket at all times when you are in or around water. Encourage those with you to do the same. That way you and your loved ones are always protected in case of emergency.

For extra safety, your life jacket should have a signaling device or whistle attached to it so you can attract attention to
yourself quickly in case of emergency.

  How To Choose A Life Jacket  
  When buying a life jacket, make sure that it is SIRIM (Standard In Research Institution of Malaysia) -approved so you can be sure of a safe and quality product. Choose the type that fits the kind of boating you would be doing. Before you buy a life jacket, be sure to try it on to ensure a good fit.

- Match your weight and size with the specifications on the label. Make sure the life mijacket is suitably fitted for each individual wearer, especially children.
- Pull the life jacket up by the shoulders to make sure the nose and ears do not slip mithrough. Also look for head support and a strap between the legs for younger michildren.

Of course if comfort and style is high on your requirements, choose a life jacket that you look and feel good in.
  How To Use A Life Jacket  
  Practice wearing it in shallow water to get a feel of it. Have children practice too so that they would not panic and roll over in the water in an emergency. Ensure that all zippers, straps and buckles are correctly fitted. Ease yourself into the water and allow your body to float freely. Your mouth should be out of the water and you should be able to float comfortably without any effort. If the jacket rides up, try securing it tighter to your body. You should also be able to swim without much restriction.  
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